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This is a very simple exercise. Just click on the audio play buttons below, listen to the samples and type what you heard.

What Our Students Say

CarolineEstados Unidos
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Sheri es INCREÍBLE! She is so much fun to work with and I highly recommend starting or continuing your Spanish language learning with her. She has many fun activities and is extremely helpful!
AseemEstados Unidos
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Sherina is an excellent teacher, very patient and let’s you learn at your own pace. Never hurried into teaching things fast. She creates these verbal and written exercises for you and also uses audio to a great potential. I am learning a lot from her and am happy to have met her. Thank You Sherin!
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Sherina is very professional and patient. I like her classes for the way she teaches, the great sense of humor and the dynamic teaching. I really recommend Sherina as a teacher! Thanks for making me better.
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Sherina has a great teaching style. She very effectively combines fundamental instruction with fun exercises where I can apply what I am learning. Her personality is friendly and easy going, and her English is excellent. I am learning a lot - in fact we are moving quicker than I thought I could!
BrianEstados Unidos
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Sherina is very down to earth, she 's patient and will work with you at any level. I enjoy her friendly attitude; but she's also trying to remind you that you are here to learn and will re-focus you the task at hand. Encouraging you to repeat things and mixing it up in the process so it doesn't become routine. When time allows, I try to get in some late evening lessons as out time zones vary significantly and she does accommodate whenever she can. I would recommend her for anyone beginning Spanish - I can't speak for intermediate or highly levels, because I'm not there yet. (Someday)
Dominique Canadá
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Sherina me enseñó a hablar español perfectamente muy rápidamente! Una tutora excepcional
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